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Digital Marketing has become the most effective way of promoting any brand in the last decade. With the inception of Internet and Smart phones, there’s a new breed of audience that has become the biggest lot. Our digital marketing team can be labeled as pioneers due to the vast amount of experience they possess dealing with all kinds of digital marketing techniques. The digital advertising & marketing in Dubai team of Beyond Digital has the right set of tools and knowledge to serve you and provide you optimum level of digital marketing services
t may seem simplistic to point out that before you can send marketing emails or messages, you need to collect the contact information of your customers or potential customers. Yet, the actual process of collecting the information is far more complex than it seems, particularly if you’re trying to collect it in a legally compliant manner.

Laws and Your Privacy Policy

Most jurisdictions around the world have privacy legislation in place that requires you to notify people before you collect their personal information. This includes someone who is already a customer, although the UK has some slightly more permissive laws for people who have already purchased something from yo

In the US, there is no overarching privacy law that applies to the collection of data, but California has a piece of legislation that covers online privacy – the California Online Privacy Protection Act (OPPA). It requires that you need to disclose:.

Organic vs Paid



Search Engines are one of the most important elements of the internet, since almost everyone uses them on a daily basis. We provide you search engine optimization and search engine marketing packages that can help your search engine visibility by leaps and bounds. Various mediums from PPC, Mobile & Programatic. If your website isn’t ranked high on search engines then your losing the game. We are capable of creating campaigns that will reach and engage with your audience and are capable of organically rank you on first pages of search enginges.

Organic vs Paid



YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine after Google. It is the top 3 most visited site in UAE. Your audience is out there watching their favourite videos. We can show your videos or banner ads to users based on the keywords, device type, topic of videos, user interest levels, specific types of videos and remarketing targeting. When a user skips your 5 seconds ads, you pay nothing. Pay for engagement which happens when they see complete video. Clicks, subscribers, comments, likes, shares and traffic to website comes free.



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