Ad agencies in Dubai like the Beyond Digital always prefer quality content because they are well aware that Content is The King. That is why most of the leading advertising agencies in Dubai believe that useful content should always be kept at the core of any marketing strategy. There are so many statistics that confirm this belief in an advertising Dubai company.

What Do The Statistics Say?

The statistics on which creative agency Dubai are working as of now show that 51% of companies are interested in increasing the impact of their marketing strategy with the help of content marketing. And for that these marketing Dubai companies are even ready to ask their clients to increase the advertising budgets.  The importance of content marketing has grown to such an extent that the ad agencies in Dubai now receive eight times more traffic on their websites mostly through content marketing. 

So, what exactly is content marketing and why should advertising agencies in Dubai invest in it? A common definition says that content marketing is creating and sharing of online material. But for making this creation and sharing process impactful an advertising Dubai company will have to come up with great content and an extraordinary strategy.

Importantly, the first thing a creative agency Dubai needs to do while promoting content effectively is to control the urge to tell the audience the greatness of your new product or the latest improvements in its features.  However, it is important that a marketing Dubai company like the Beyond Digital should base its content strategy on the conversation with the audience, their needs, daily routines, and challenges.

Ad agencies in Dubai can think of many benefits that a content marketing can offer. One of the biggest reasons is that the approach of today’s consumer has changed in the last few years. Renowned advertising agencies in Dubai are aware that the customers of today believe in doing their research prior to making any purchase.  A consumer only purchases a product if an advertising Dubai company offers convincing and quality information about the product.

That is why a creative agency Dubai has to make sure that marketing Dubai strategy has content at its core. For more information on advertising and marketing Dubai get back to Beyond Digital.

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