It is a fact that a picture is worth thousand words. Visuals are used all over the place for online marketing. Moreover with social media providing for videos, this is only gaining more popularity by the day. Some of the examples might be Instagram and Facebook posts, You tube videos and SnapChat. If you are looking at advertising Dubai, you cannot ignore visuals. A digital agency Dubai can be a good option for you to try.

Copy was the core advertising format until Television took over. Even though copy can give more information than a visual, it is not appealing in nature, except for a very few. However they are essential in some places to give a clear message.


 People are fast-paced today. You cannot expect them to go through your ad in detail, without an engaging video content. Videos are attractive and if you want people to stop and take your message, there is no better way than creating a visual.

Visuals have a more appealing nature. The use of fonts, colors and humor have contributed to this. Visuals can make a big impact however be careful to make your message clear. One mistake could prove very costly for you.

You can only grab attention of your audience if your visuals are engaging in the first few seconds. So if you have a small message, visuals are the best option. You can make it straight and clear without any ambiguity. Seek help from a digital agency Dubai.


Even today, you can find people who love to read copies. However you need to know exactly what your audience are looking for. Moreover be specific to the content, try to add numbers to your copy to make it more relevant and eye- catching, and use the right words!

You can use copy when you need to make a lengthy product description or strong comments.

A blend of visuals and copy would also make your ad ideal. A digital agency Dubai such as Beyond Digital can give you creative solutions.

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