Social media is one of the most popular platforms around that people use for sharing their thoughts, events, happiness, achievements and so many happenings in their lives. Just as the social media helps you to connect and reach instantly with thousands of people across the globe similarly, social media Dubai also has some bad and ugly aspects. The Beyond Digital is a digital marketing company that develops its strategy based on the good and bad of the social media marketing Dubai.

 The Good Of Social Media    

It is an established fact that participation in popular social media like Facebook and LinkedIn can be a key asset to any business. One of the biggest benefits that these platforms offer is that they let the potential clients and customers know about your brand, company or new launches/events. You can instantly reach out to so many people at one time and help increase your sale. 

Generally speaking, people tend to go through the profile or update from a company on their official social media page. They will check a company’s presence on social media Dubai and try to find more details in general and also may contact you personally. So, the social media platforms work as a tremendous networking tool for all the businesses. Having a social media account can also help when your digital marketer opts for Search Engine Optimization techniques. So many practices of marketing and reaching out to potential clients have become successful due to social media pages.

The Bad And Ugly Side Of Social Media

The bad side is the behavior of people on social media marketing Dubai. According to a recent study, a company had to dismiss 8% of its staff of 1000 employees due to their behavior on social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. Sadly, the number is increasing consistently. Employees sharing the private details of the companies in an unprofessional way have led to major losses. The ugliest way to destroy the company is badmouthing your boss or your colleague which is quite common on such public forums.   

Beyond Digital removes all such elements prior to designing a marketing strategy for your company. For more information on marketing in social media get in touch with Beyond Digital.

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